What gives me hope...

We've all heard the saying "the darkest hour is just before dawn".

Thankfully it really does happen that way, but if you're like me, you're probably thinking it's dark enough already in our crazy world (and it has been for a while now). 

I'm here with some potent reminders that the shift towards the new dawn is truly happening and there is SO much love and hope that exists.

There's hope for humanity even in the midst of all the outward evidence to the contrary. Watch this to find out why:

Shining light in the darkness is a GOOD thing.. It may look ugly, feel impossible to heal, but now that it's coming up to the surface the healing has begun!!!

We're gonna make it to a brand new day, I promise. I feel it in my bones.

Speaking of promises, can we make a promise to remind each other on the darkest of days that there is hope and love?  We're all in this together. You could be someone's light in the smallest of ways... 

Please take care of that tender heart of yours and know that your life has meaning and purpose right here and now. 

Thank YOU for being alive!

You are loved Sarah Love.JPG


Don't forget that when you spread the calendar love in your community, 
you could have a much larger ripple effect than you've ever imagined.