A Celebration, a Declaration and an Invitation

Hello Love,

First, the celebration!

410 calendars will be donated to Immigrant and Refugee Community because of YOU! Four Hundred and Ten calendars!!!!

Irco people.jpg

That's almost double last year's matching program. 

I imagine the 2018 calendars uplifting hearts and making a positive impact on young minds every single day. How powerful is that? 

Thank you so so much for making this possible!


Second, not to jump the gun, but I'm declaring 2018 the year of "Laser Beam LOVE". 


This will become more clear in the weeks to come, but for now I'm declaring this here, to you my lovely reader, as a way to make it real.

There'll be a level of FOCUS that has been building for a long time now. 

It's time to bring the daily love messages to the next level and create a ripple effect to inspire even more love and compassion in the world. (sneak peek! It's going to look a little something like this.  Stay tuned ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>

Third, an invitation for YOU to deeply enjoy the rest of 2017!

The holidays can be full of celebration, connection, and making memories. Sometimes in the rush of it all, the stress and pressure too often leads to burnout and maybe some not so fond memories....
What if this holiday season, it was all about making space for relaxation, enjoying the parts of the holidays that light you up, and creating a few new traditions that are more about your presence than they are about presents?
How do you balance it all? How do you take care of yourself and nourish that deep inner well, when there are so many demands and what feels like so little time?
I invite you to try these 3 things:
1. Make Time for You
Right now, grab your calendar and block out some time between the 19th and 24th that is non-negotiable down time. DO IT. If you can make it a whole day, that would be best. If not, at least a morning, evening, or afternoon (or two), that's for recharging your battery in whatever way floats your boat.
This will not only help you feel renewed when you get to that day, it will help you in those stressful moments knowing that you've got that down time in your schedule to look forward to.
Period. Whatever you can do to get more if it, say yes. Turn your screens off at least an hour before bedtime. This really helps the body shut down and know it is time to rest.
3. Say NO to at least one obligation you really don't want to do.
All the holiday parties, gift exchanging, etc. can feel impossible to get out of, but that is simply not true. If there is something you've said yes to that you, deep down inside, are dreading and don't want to do, change your plans and say "No, thank you" instead. Permission granted.
Make time for yourself and marvel at the shift you create in your life. You'll be more alive and rested and therefore have more fun during the holidays. It's your life, so take care of YOU.

I'm sending you BIG LOVE and deep gratitude from my heart. 
Being on this journey with you is such a gift!

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