The world needs your loving heart!

Hi Love,

I've been back to the drawing board a few times on this.

Because my biggest heart's desire is to contribute LOVE to this moment in time. We need it. That much is clear.

Every day I ask myself "HOW?". (you're probably asking yourself the same question.)

I believe we're at a turning point collectively and there is major opportunity present with every breath we take. 

We can move towards a more loving world that works for all or we can keep perpetuating the cycle of greed and separation.

It's huge.

But the question remains "how DO we move in the direction of love?".

As I watch Native people being threatened while trying to protect the water that we ALL need to survive, while I read about the endangered species act being thrown out the window, while another young black man gets shot by police in my home town, I wrestle with the question of HOW over and over again.

How do I truly make a difference right now?

How can I stand up and actually create change for the better?

How do I move forward in love even when it feels like my heart is being trampled with every bit of news I hear?

Thankfully, I've learned to let my heart be my guide and what my heart keeps saying is 'bring people together, take the next step and don't lose hope'

So I look for ways that I can do that. Plain and simple.

As you know, I've been working on this thing called "Love Warrior Boot Camp". I've been super excited about it, but over the last few weeks something felt off. 

I kept pondering, asking, meditating on it.

And then it hit me!

I didn't want this to be about the money. 

I didn't want anyone who has a desire to make a positive change and BE a force of love in the world to ever be put off by the financial commitment. 

SO, I totally changed the program to be "pay what you can" and it feels amazing!  

You can literally pay $1 or $100 for this 4 week experience.  

I'm absolutely ecstatic about it!

Watch this short video to get the gist of what Love Warrior Boot Camp is and how it can strengthen your capacity to LOVE in these radical times.

I'm pouring my heart and soul into it. Will you join me?
Kids of all ages are welcome, too. And please tell your friends about it.

Together we can take the next step

We can learn new ways to be loving to ourselves and others. 

We CAN create a world the works for all. I truly believe that.

 The first ever Love Warrior Boot Camp starts March 1st!

You'll never regret learning anything that can help you love more!

And hey, Thank YOU for being alive right now.

There is no accident that you are here. You are a powerful being with amazing gifts to give.

Thank you for being YOU!