An Insane Amount of LOVE to balance things out!

Hello Love,

SO much is happening, so many ways we can get triggered right now. 

How do we not completely lose our marbles? 

What's clear is we're going to have to get creative. Like really creative. 

As I was walking my dog yesterday, trying to focus on the positive, find the silver lining, (but truthfully having a hard time with it), I suddenly had a burst of inspiration! 

A moment of AHA came over me.

It was a sweet vision that lifted me up and has kept me inspired ever since.

I saw mailboxes full of colorful Valentines. From the courthouse to the jailhouse, there were smiles and melting hearts. 

I thought "what if we could spread a ton of love this Valentine's day?".  Is it possible to spread a revolutionary amount of LOVE?

So I decided to revamp this FREE postcard for YOU with a message that I think every single person alive longs to hear.

"You Are Love"

    Download the You are Loved Valentine postcard HERE.

A little fun and creativity can move our hopeless feelings into the vibration of LOVE and connection!

So simple, right?

You can color them (therapeutic in itself) and give them to everyone you meet.

Great for kids too, of course!

Give one to your bank teller or leave one in the mailbox for your mail person. 

Send one to your local politician with your gratitude or your demands. 

Why not?

All you have to do is print out the page (card stock works great), cut into 4 postcards, add some color (or not) and write a little love note. 

You can even put a stamp on it and mail it old school!

You could totally change someone's life with this small act of kindness. 

We need art and we need love and we need to get creative.

Speaking of...

Everything in the shop is 20% off with the discount code "youareloved"

Including already marked down 2017 calendars!

Save 20% on all the loved filled creations you can handle from now until February 14th!


I can't stop now! 

I spent most of the week trying to make sense of our world and today I'm pouring heaps of love all over it!

Because right now, the world needs your loving heart like never before.

Have you heard about Love Warrior Bootcamp, yet?

This 4 week, online workshop was created to give you a whole new set of tools to be a badass Love Warrior.

Fear, doubt and despair are all around us and we can get triggered everyday. 

Using the I Stand For Love Manifesto as our guide, we'll rewire our programming and BE more loving inside and out.

photo by Debbie Baxter

photo by Debbie Baxter

I would be honored to have YOU join me for the first ever

 Love Warrior Bootcamp

Together we will build a solid foundation for creating more Love in our homes, communities and the world at large.  

~ Bonuses include a Love Warrior playlist to keep you rockin', printable coloring pages to get your creativity going and a live group call to connect and inspire us all!

NOW until February 8th receive $20 off!

Only $79!

Bootcamp begins Wednesday, February 22nd

It is with an insane amount of LOVE in my heart that I vow to hold this torch of inspiration. I promise to keep this love alive and to stand for LOVE in all ways. 

Thank you for witnessing me, standing with me and being alive right here, right now. 

You are a valuable player on TEAM LOVE!

That's me circa 1982ish 

That's me circa 1982ish