Taking a break... You need one too?

Hello Lovely,
Has it been a long winter or is it just me? I loooooove the energy of spring so much. The bursting forth of energy from the Earth.. Hooray!

AND I'm feeling like I got hit with a BIG message this week... I hope it inspires you too.

Before I can burst forth into the newness, I need a break.

Going from a fantastically busy calendar season (aka the holidays ;) to a few months of political activism, teaching art classes and the Love Warrior Bootcamp, I reached my birthday (aka the finish line) and I really need to rest and renew.

As luck would have it there's a vacation planned to visit family on the east coast followed by a week long sacred sister retreat in So Cal. 

My original plan was to keep on working from the road, but there comes a time where we all need to step back and allow for new creative energy to come along all on it's one. 

No forcing!

Fun, magic, adventure, chill time ... aaaaahhhh I can't wait! 

I'll be posting love, inspiration and snippets from my journey over on Instagram.

Let's connect there!

I'll be back in mid May all filled up with goodness...

And if you're needing a break too, all I have to say is "Permission granted!".