You are SO Worthy!

Hello Lovely,

With so much going on in the world, how do we stay centered in love?

I've been asking myself this question daily. It's a big one. 
It's THE one, in my opinion. 

Searching for the answer far and wide has once again brought me back to myself. And I'm going to beat this drum until the cows come home. 

Creating a loving world will be an inside job.

I'm 100% committed to saving you time and showering you with all the lessons I've learned on this long, strange self love journey.

It's been 20+ years since I decided that hating who I was and comparing myself to everyone all the time was NO way to live. 

Like you, I wanted to enjoy my life, have a little fun and be able to give and receive love without feeling like there was some serious defect lurking inside me. 

SO I've done my best to distil it down for YOU. Because you are worthy of all the love you could possible handle and MORE!

Unless you get good at loving the crap out of YOURSelf you'll never be able to truly be loved by another. And you deserve SO MUCH LOVE!

Please, take 11 whole minutes and watch this now. It will shift your world. I promise.

My top 10 practical steps for lasting self love video is here!

My prayer for you today is that you see the miracle you are when you look into the mirror. 

You see your radiance, your complexity and your magic staring back at you. 

You look into your own eyes and you say "I love you" and you feel that deep nourishment deep in your heart.

Because YOU are SO worthy. You are YOU and that is Divine and precious. 

Thank you for being alive.

Thank you for being on this journey. 

Thank you for being more loving to yourself today.

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