Do you feel like a super hero with a broken heart?

Hello Love,

With #Istandforlove day coming up on August 8th, it felt like a good time to finally share this...

About a year and a half ago my amazing friend and photographer Debbie Baxter was on a mission. She was exploring the place in each of us that's had to be a super hero in our own lives.

This was before we had even heard a whisper of the movie coming out. 

She wanted to delve into that place where we decided that no one is coming to save us and we have to save ourselves. We rise up to a challenge and dig deeper then ever for strength and resolve. 

But what's underneath that is usually something very tender. Some shift in perception that causes us to go from 'I am safe and loved' to 'I have to do it all myself'. 

There's a wound there. 

Ultimately, she was searching for the intersection between being human (tender and craving love) and super human (nothing can hurt me). 

Of course, I was totally game to dress up, ask deep questions and have a photoshoot.

I mean, why not?

I had Wonder Woman underoos as a little girl, after all. 
I could totally get into this!

What I discovered through this amazing process was that my heart was broken long ago, by this world of betrayal, war, hatred and ugliness.


Somewhere along the line (pretty early on, actually), I decided that I not only needed to add love to this crazy world, I needed to 'save' it.

To do that I had to hide my own fragile heart, cover it with strength and independence and 'I don't need any help' and hold the torch of love up high for all to see. 

I needed to do this because I saw that life was often cruel, humans could be really mean and deep inside we're all innocent children just trying to be loved. 

I took it on myself to stuff down my own wound and suck it up for the betterment of humanity.

Well, unfortunately it doesn't work that way. 

It's taken years to have the emotional maturity to hold both sides of my own coin. 

I learned to hold the deeply 'craving love' parts of me AND my passion for 'spreading love'.  

Accepting the opposing forces of "I really need help and support" and the "don't worry, I got you" has been a journey of healing my own wounds while staying true to my mission.

This is real life. This is real love. 

Because if there is anything I know it's this:

What the world needs NOW is love ~ fierce, tender, unconditional LOVE, (damn it!). 

I know now that my broken heart was a gift. 

Feeling deeply is not a curse, my friend. A deep longing is not a burden. 

Our wounds are what make us stronger and give us compassion for each other.

Our wounds are the places we can experience deep love again.

When we stand in the vulnerability of our own truth, our own wounding AND our desire to make it better, we can do some radical healing.

What if we could turn that into the place where the good work is done?

SO I am asking you now, will you help me?

Will you help spread the word about I STAND FOR LOVE DAY?

Will you post a love-filled photo on social media on August 8th and use #istandforlove to unite us?

Will you join together with 1000s of your fellow (super) humans and drop some of love into the web of consciousness?

Who knows what can happen if we simply come together on a specific day and fill the internet with a love vibration? What if we could raise the vibration of the planet to a more loving resonance?

What if one person felt the love from your post on Tuesday, 8-8 and their day was shifted?

That would be enough to feel like the Super Hero you are. 
That would be enough to change the world!


All the details are right HERE on the I STAND FOR LOVE DAY page!

Go there and you will find free images to share and all the past year's videos to uplift and inspire your heart RIGHT NOW.

Thank you, my friend! Thank you for witnessing this broken-hearted super hero in all her tenderness and glory. Thank you for being connected to this amazing tribe of LOVE!

Your presence is a gift and never forget that #yourlovechangestheworld.

I'll see you on August 8th!


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