Pretty much everything I do is imperfect!

Hey Love,

When I say 'pretty much' I really mean all of it. Because perfection is one of the biggest illusions, traps and epidemics of our time!

There are so many ways to screw it up (whatever 'it' is).
There are so many ways to do it wrong. 

The fact is we'll always be judged and we'll always be our own harshest critics. That's probably not going to change.

With that said, there's no more time for you to not use your voice. 

No time for you to wait to have the perfect answer to the world's problems, the perfect figure to find love, or the perfect anything at all.

There is no time for you to 'perfect' your art before you share it.
Sure pause, reflect, refine, but you must tell your story.
You must share your truth. Sooner than later, please!

Through the fear of doing it wrong, we have to do it anyway and love the crap out of ourselves in the process.

Thanks to some loyal calendar lovers, I was recently made aware that there's no August 31st!!!

August 31st.JPG

HA! Say what?

Making this kind of mistake is so lame.
I forgot a whole f-in day...

At times in my life this type of 'screw up' would make me run and hide and bury my head so deep under the covers, proceeded by a good mental and emotional lashing for weeks!

I would feel stupid and worthless and convince myself that everyone else thinks that about me, too.

Thank goodness times change and self love is truly the medicine for whatever ails us. 

My self-love muscles have been built with lots of practice over time and they are getting so big now :)

Here's to loving the crap out of ourselves!

My truth is this: Life is imperfect and perfect at the same time. It's ugly, it's messy, it's heartbreaking. It's also extremely beautiful, full of magic and miracles every single day.

We're each spiritual beings having very human experiences. 

We're gonna mess it up. We are gonna step on toes and disappoint people. (I know, I hate that part.) But we must use our voices and tell our stories and we must make art in whatever form we feel called!

Don't let some illusion of perfection keep you from sharing your unique and crucial perspective. 

This goes for standing up to hatred and bigotry. 
This goes for being the change you want to see in the world. 

It's never going to be perfect, but if we don't exercise our love warrior muscles we'll never get stronger!

To help strengthen the LOVE in your life, I'm offering the 2018 calendar at the super pre-order discount price of $8.88 until September 1st!!!

I believe we can heal. 
We can grow. 

We can do this with daily inspiration, with faith in ourselves and extra love and compassion for our brothers and sisters.

We can stand up. 
We can stand for love. 

Order your calendars now and help spread some tangible, rainbow colored love in your neck of the woods.

Grab yours HERE.

I truly believe we were made for these times. 

We were made to be living right here and now with all the turbulence and strife and uncertainty. 

I believe we are being called to show up, share our hearts, come together and inspire each other with our courage. 

I created this calendar to give you strength. 

Not only for you to love the crap out of your amazingly unique self, but to love this whole world enough to stand up (imperfections and all) and give your best to life.

This one precious life is all we have. 

How will you let your imperfections fall away in order for your special message, one of a kind story, come alive?

I'm cheering you on as we face the future together.

My prayer is that we awaken to our brilliance and we help those around us who are in pain and suffering awaken too.

I believe in you!

Sarah Love I stand for love 2017.JPG

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