We did it!! Now what?

Hello Love!

That was really something! 

#Istandforlove day created a ripple of love far and wide.

If you missed the Global Love Meditation (with my special guest Seany Love) you can watch it right here:

So now what?

For years I've been wanting to follow I Stand for Love day with something that could truly amp up the love vibration for you in your own life..

I'm SO excited to say that it's finally here!

The Love Ambassador bundle is the most comprehensive bunch of teachings and inspiration I've ever offered.

Until August 31st it's only $19.88!

Here's what you get:

the Love Warrior Bootcamp (originally 4 weeks of awesome content for $99 with lots of bonus fun like a playlist and printable coloring pages!)
2 downloadable posters sure to uplift and inspire you everyday!

The special Self love alchemy package (my ultimate guide to turn your sh*t into gold).

ALL bundled into one email for your lifetime access!

Become an Ambassador of LOVE today!


Let's keep Standing tall for all those that don't have a voice, those who are carrying too heavy a load and those that don't feel worthy of love at all.

Let's keep standing for the earth, animals, ancestors and future generations.

Let's stand for love as best we can, imperfectly, step by step.
Standing for love cuz that's what we can do ❤️

Sarah Love I stand for love 2017.JPG

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