Bless and Release

Hello Beautiful, 

A whole new year is here...

Whatever 2017 held for you, it's done. All the great, the good, the not so good, the downright crappy and everything in between is over. 

You've done all you could do. Your life (while it may not feel like it at times) is a miracle unfolding. You've done a great job.

We're turning the page.

How would you feel if you could step into the new year with renewed sense of possibility - leaving anything heavy behind and moving forward in love?  

I'm sharing a little guided meditation that is perfect for that. It's designed to bless and release the past and will set you up for a fresh start in 2018.

It's only 11 minutes long, but it will help to free you up and fill your heart with gratitude. SO sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy 11 minutes of time-traveling, life-altering magic: Click HERE

Well done! Now you can move into YOUR NEW YEAR inspired and present, ready to live your best life. (listen to this meditation ANY TIME you need a fresh start!)

My wish for you is to have the best year ever in 2018!!! 

To help even more with that I have an exciting announcement! 

I'm so happy to announce that my beautiful team has been working hard on synching up social media, email delivery and the actual Life is Beautiful calendar to offer you daily prompts and love notes anywhere you want to be!


That way every day of 2018 will be an opportunity to be uplifted, love yourself more and spread love around the world!

Could this be the year that we turn the tides to LOVE?!

The same daily message from the calendar will be on Facebook, Instagram AND in your inbox (Sign up for that HERE).

Because the negative thoughts didn't get in your head overnight. They've been on repeat for far too long.

We need repetition and loving reminders every moment of every day! These radiant images will be coming at you like a daily vitamin ~ Vitamin L (for LOVE)!

It will look like this:

You'll get an image in your inbox or you'll see it on social media. 
You can share it with friends, post it on your page, tag someone you love or make it your screen saver!

There will also be an expanded message to go with it. Each nugget of wisdom will have a short paragraph to help you ponder the deeper meaning of the day! 

Every day will be new and exciting and I cannot wait to share 365 days of love and inspiration with you!

We're going deeper and wider with the Love Vibration in 2018!!!

Because what else is there to do? 

Thank you for being alive during this wild time! I'm honored to walk with you on the Earth. Your presence is a gift beyond measure! 

You are loved Sarah Love.JPG