How do we strengthen the Web of Love?

Hi Love,

Goodness gracious, I'm sending you crazy heaps of love right now!

I just want to take a deep breath with you and pause for a moment... Aaaaah.

We're living in incredible times and I don't want to speed through without showering you with more love and gratitude!! (Major awesomeness coming your way right here.)

I love doing my facebook live events every Wednesday and this week was especially exciting. Watch it now!


There is a Worldwide Web that has nothing to do with the internet. It's a web of people, movements, causes, businesses, non-profits and more all over the world that are focused on love, compassion, solutions and helping each other rise. 

One of the things I'm constantly thinking about is how to strengthen this web of love. How can we join forces and stand even more powerfully together?

The good news is, there are millions of ways and I've found one new way that I'm so excited to share. 

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These amazing resources are here for YOU to explore and delight in. 

From how to create the most playful, peaceful and passionate relationship you've ever known:

Relationship Fun and Games
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To an incredible documentary designed to uplift and empower you to live your most purpose driven life:


RiseUP the Movie
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To the most magical realm of business and life alchemy anywhere on the web, led by my mystic mentor Lindsay Pera.

To the amazing non-profit that provides free support at your fingertips 24/7:

Crisis Text Line


These are the threads that make up the Worldwide Web of LOVE. 

The way we strengthen the web is by connecting and sharing tools like this. We can build a brighter future when we work together, focus on solutions and SHARE all the goodness with each other. 

My wish is for all beings to be uplifted and inspired! I hope these resources are like veins of gold running through your life to strengthen and support you. 

You deserve nothing less! 


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