Something We All Share

Hi Beautiful,

Happy, Merry Solstice to you!

It's a unifying time, in a way, because Solstice is something we all share. It's happening right now. 

It's not a story, a belief, an identification. It's the experience of living on Earth. And we are all doing that together.

I love to celebrate the turn of the wheel, the seasons of our lives, the human experience with all the dark and all the light.

Quick question. Are you doing everything you can to love the crap out of your self this holiday season?

I know it ain't easy (believe me!). But during this time when the volume is turned up on life, all it takes is a moment like this one for a deep breath and a big sigh. A pause on the noise. 

It's the simplest act that brings the love right into our hearts. It's the moment when you let yourself feel all the feels that you are extending compassion to your sweet self. 

It helps a lot. 

I recorded a live blast yesterday to bring a bit more peace and love to your holidays.  Watch this:

Yeah! Feel a bit of calm wash over you?

Whatever you are up to this holiday/end of year time, I strongly invite you to take a look at how much kindness you are extending to yourself. Please. And whatever you find there, heap on a little more love and kindness for me, mmmkay?

You've been living your life like only you can, after all. That's no small feat. 

Sending you giant blessings of love, beauty and magic for Solstice and beyond. I'm so happy that you're alive!

Sarah Love hand on heart.JPG