The energy behind 2018 ~ my Oracle process revealed

Happy New Year, my dear! 

Doesn't it feel good to be at the beginning again? Putting the past behind us and stepping into the future? I love new beginnings and for some reason 2018 feels like quite a big one to me. 

Today I want to share with you something I've never shared before. 

If you've been with me a little while you may know that before I start to create the calendar for the next year, I do a ritual. I spend a few days inquiring into the energies of the year ahead and it is quite magical what comes through. 

I build a giant altar and pull many cards. I ask for guidance and do a bit of time traveling into the future. I love this process so much and get deep insight from it. This energy becomes the foundation of the artwork and daily messages in the calendar itself. 

This year, it's important that I share with you in more detail the underlying guides and themes that emerged in that process.

I want you to know what I know so you can feel supported and connected to the bigger picture throughout the year to come.

I think you'll be inspired by the guidance and the magic that is waiting for us in 2018! Watch this video now:

We're going deeper and wider with the Love Vibration in 2018!!!
AND we have a lot of support from the unseen realms. Hooray! 

We are not alone, not by a long shot. We are connected to a greater web of love than we could ever imagine. Remember this when things feel too heavy. You are part of the whole of creation. 

We are all on our own journeys and we are ALL in this together. I hope the messages from this video stay with you into days and weeks ahead. They are infused into the calendar itself and the daily messages are aligned with all of this loving energy. 

Just remember, YOU are LOVED and you are not here by accident. 

Sending you love from my heart and all good wishes for a truly beautiful new year!

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