Every Day I Forget

Hello hello!

I'm back from the land of gelato and amore, ravioli and chianti. And I brought back some sweetness for you, too.

First, let's just say, it was a big trip...

BIG in its intention to celebrate 10 years of marriage (we've talked about this trip for 14 years actually!), big in the amount of family (cousins on my husband's side) that embraced us with their giant hospitality, and BIG in the level of self reflection and awareness that was gained in the process.

Being there shook me up, expanded my heart (and my waistline ~ SO worth it!), distilled some things down to their essence, and truly filled me up with gratitude to my core. Hooray!

Because I'm not gonna lie, I've been getting angry with where we're at (as humans) and questioning my life mission these last few months. I've realized how much fear and anger are in the collective energy we share and what's great is I've come all the way back around to LOVE again! Double Hooray!

Here's one moment from the trip that took my breath away.

Angel wing cloud over sarteano.jpg

This angel wing cloud over the bell tower in Sarteano (Tuscany) speaks to the everyday beauty that exists in this magical world we inhabit.

We must not forget the beauty!

We must not harden our hearts or become cynical.

What I realized (again!) is that it's a daily practice to bring LOVE into my heart.

It's so easy to forget every single day.

With all the noise and distractions, stress and suffering we are going through, it's impossible to sustain a loving worldview or even a sense of optimism without DAILY reminders. It takes constant discipline to turn towards the beauty and the love and break out of the cycle of fear and anger.

What I rediscovered on this trip was that I am free to have a full range of emotions, to process the events of the world in whatever way I can, AND that my super power is rooted in love. My mission is to make tools to remind you (AND MYSELF) every day that there is hope and love and it is up to US to nurture that and spread it around. That's how we change the world. From the inside out.

So besides an amazing culinary vacation and wonderful time with family, the journey to Italy brought me back to my heart, committed to my mission, doubling down on LOVE!

I refuse to let anger and fear swallow me up, when I know that we are greater than that. We haven't even tapped into our potential to truly love each other yet. And my job is to make tools to remind us all how to love more.

I've got a lot of new tools in the works and a matching program that is sure to spread a whole-lotta love. I can't wait to share them with you soon!

I'm just so grateful for the clarity in these wild times. And I'm grateful for the journey that took me there. I'm grateful for the forgetting and the remembering. It sure is a process, so wherever you are on your own journey BE gentle with yourself. You deserve loving tenderness no matter what!

Sarah Love in Italy.JPG

P.S. Thank you for being here!!! We're headed to a more loving place and I couldn't do it without YOU!