Multiply the Love

Hello Love,

It's time for a new way of being... Well, it's past time (IMHO), but the past is the past, so let's make now the time, ok? You and me, we need to step up our love game. The whole world is crying out for it in so many ways. It's like one giant cry for help.

These wounds of separation and oppression are so deep and they've been there such a long time. We need BIG, deep healing and courageous acts of love. We need tiny seeds of love planted in the soil of our hearts and giant leaps of love being taken in our homes, communities and beyond.

This last week was another extreme. I'm sure you feel it too. The acts of hatred are almost too much to bear. Every time something horrible happens I search my heart for an answer. I ask myself 'what do I do with this?'.

I want to change it. I want to burrow down into the hearts of all the suffering and bring a little spark of love with me. Get in there and blow on that little light until it melts the frost of hate and fear away.

This is my deepest desire. To awaken a spark of love, to remind us all that love lives inside. That the love in our heart just needs to be strengthened to grow. Because I believe that the wounds of oppression and the illusion of superiority needs to be loved out of existence.

So after the events of last week, I was once again searching for a BIGGER way to spread love. Daily love. Repetitive love that can chip away at the deep rooted stories that keep us in pain.

There's a million ways we can show up right now and make a difference, for me it looks like this:

I've just made the decision that for the WHOLE MONTH OF NOVEMBER we are matching 1 for 1 for every calendar sold. With your help we're going to send them out to dozens of organizations, educators, youth organizations, refugees, and hearts in need! I've set a goal to donate 3000 calendars with this matching program!

I'm committed to getting the nuggets of daily love into more hands and hearts, so maybe just maybe we can plant seeds that will grow into a brighter future for all. Making the daily messages accessible to people that may not have reminders that they are loved, that their lives are unique and important, is one way we want to multiply the love right now.

How you can make a difference:

Tell your friends about the best gift ever and how we can amplify the gift giving to include people that are struggling and children that need hope and encouragement on the daily.

Share this email or post something on social media about how much you love the calendar with this link:

If you're an educator or work with a non profit where the I Stand For Love calendar could help someone you work with, connect with me by simply replying HERE.

Please, don't lose hope. Put your hand on your heart and say "I love you" (10 times a day). We are moving into a new paradigm. We are birthing a new world. Keep breathing. We can do this. We can leave a legacy of love for future generations!

Remember, Your Love changes the World. Thank you for being here!!!

Sarah Love hand on heart.JPG