All Good News!

Hello Love,

I've got the goods for you this week, starting with a genuine happy dance worthy celebration!!! Hooray!

After tallying up the November matching program, I'm delighted to share that we hit a grand total of 1134 calendars sold! Which means 1134 calendars are being donated to people young and old!! (#sorrynotsorry for all the exclamation points!! I can't help myself.)

The first round of love bombs went out yesterday when I dropped off 4 cases of calendars at the IRCO office (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization). I've donated calendars there for the past two years and they've been a big hit, especially with the youth program. They distribute them to the after school programs ALL OVER the greater Portland area. Kids that may be having tough times out there will be able to take a calendar home and read the inspiration message everyday! (Insert cry emoji)

This just fills my heart with SO MUCH LOVE and I couldn't do it without YOU!

I'm so honored and grateful to provide even a little bit of hope and love to hearts in need.

Thank you for helping to spread so much LOVE in the world!

(If you've requested a bundle for your classroom or organization, they're on their way slowly but surely.)

Btw, Have you read the dedication in this years calendar yet? It's all about the children: the future generations and the inner child inside each of us. There is so much power in healing the young ones, therefore creating a future that is more loving for all.

We can do this!

We are all in this together and my commitment to bringing more love into the world has never been greater. AND I truly couldn't (and wouldn't want to) do it without you.

For today, be kind to yourself and know that you are loved and appreciated just for being YOU!

Sarah love dedication 1.jpg

Grab a 2019 calendar now wile supplies last!