One sure way to go from hopeless to Hope FULL

Hello Love,

Last week I was down in the dumps... There was much to be grateful for, but I was just feeling so low.

(You know that working on loving the crap out of myself for 20+ years, writing daily love messages, and painting colorful hearts does not mean I'm over here skipping and singing and feeling great everyday, right? Sadly it does not. I go down and I go down hard.)

I'm on the upswing now, but I will testify that even with ALL my daily practices and years of dedicated positivity, I still get crushed.

The truth is, when you're trying to love the world everyday, most of the time you're doing so because you feel the pain of the world deep and wide. You feel it and want to help. BUT feeling all the feels can most certainly lead to the depths of despair now and then.. Am I right?

One sure way that I've found to get out of that hopeless feeling is by expressing generosity. Being generous brings connection. Being generous, with yourself and others, moves that stuck energy. And it can happen in the smallest of ways.

Hold the door, extend a smile, give $ to that cause, etc...

Be generous with that sweet soul living inside your own body in whatever ways you can muster.

YOU deserve so much love. Offer it to yourself first, but if this feels impossible when you're in that deep dark place, offer it to someone else and watch how that lifts YOU up just as much as it does them. It's powerful what can happen with the simplest act.

We are wired for connection.

These are literally the first few centuries where we as a human race have lived in such separation. Away from our village, our multi-generational homesteads, our vitally important connections to each other. And it's taking it's tole in countless ways.

SO one way to get out of the hopelessness that comes from feeling isolated or too sensitive in this crazy world, is to connect with another human being. It can be a moment of eye contact with a stranger, a deep conversation with your closest friend, or calling your favorite cousin after years of not seeing them.

There are literally countless ways to reach out and reaching out IS BEING GENEROUS. That's it.

Express your generosity simply by extending a hand. Your life will be uplifted and who knows the impact you make on the receiver of your energy. It's that simple and you are wired for it. Hooray!

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