How getting weirder just might save us all!

How you doin' over there? I've been thinking about you and us and our tender hearts right now. There's a lot to BE with. There's a lot up. We are in the middle of collective and personal change. It's big stuff. 

Last week felt like an extreme of ups and downs.

1st, in case you missed it, I got off my butt and took it to the streets on Valentine's day. 

It was a pretty exhilarating roller coaster ride (were talking the way ups and the way downs)!


Harnessing some serious Patch Adams vibes and all the love in my tender heart, I buddied up with a dear friend to make chalk art and pass out Valentine's Love to some unsuspecting strangers. 

Check out this short blast from the streets:

We met a lot of humans in a few short hours. 

Some felt like amazing connections with big hugs, tons of smiles and a few tears. AND some felt like total dis-connections.

I tried to not take the rejection personally. 

I admit, I don't really like to be approached when I'm out in public. I'm kind of an introvert, believe or not.

But being the one reaching out, extending my heart to say "I see you. I care about you. Maybe you need some extra love today" and getting met with "No way", had me realize that's where the love warrior can really grow stronger. 

Since I couldn't easily run and hide (or melt into the sidewalk) when I faced the rejection, I got weirder. 

It wasn't really a conscious thought. It was just what happened because the 'flight' option wasn't gonna cut it.

I started singing and marching like I was in a 1 woman parade. I approached people with my arms out stretched, gifts in hand, singing "Haaaaaaaaaapppyyyyy Vaaaaaaaalllleeeeennnnnttiiiiiiinnnne's Daaaaaaaaay" in a hilarious opera voice. 

I realized that I didn't care about my ego any more. I was there to spread love and if that meant people smiling and laughing AT me instead of WITH me, well that was okay, too. 

I had a huge sign on my back that said "YOU are Loved". I certainly wasn't trying to blend in. 


The more I let go and became a silly clown handing out Valentine's the more I was able to take the rejection while also having some profound connections with other humans. 

We interacted with a wide range of people and it ended up feeling like something truly powerful happened that day. 

On the flip side, it had me thinking about how comfortable I am in my world most of the time. How I DON'T deal with a ton of uncomfortable moments and how that relates to my privilege in this world. 

It had me thinking about the marginalized people that feel some sort of rejection a lot in life and what that does to you over time. 

It was a rich couple of hours with so many opportunities for me to grow. All because I walked out my front door with a mission of spreading love, letting my 'weirdness' be front and center. 


And then I came home to the news of another horrifying school shooting. 

That's been another roller coaster ride. The heart wrenching kind.

I'm finally finding a few new ways to channel my sadness of where we're at as a culture into action to increase hope and love. 


If you need to feel some movement in this area, I'd love to join forces with YOU!

If you're a teacher or know a teacher anywhere in the US, I want to send an inspirational calendar to you/them for the classroom. Please comment below and give me the name and address of where to ship some love. 

Originally, I did a BIG print run on 2018 calendars in order to do a marketing campaign to get new wholesale accounts for 2019. I allotted about 1000 calendars for this purpose, to grow my business and expand the scope of my mission to spread hope and love.

I'm currently reallocating these calendars as I believe they can better serve humanity by being in the hands of students and teachers. I plan to donate at least half of these in the next 3 weeks.

I'm sending a bunch to the Parkdale school.

I'm donating 200 to School House Supplies (an amazing non-profit that has a free store for all teachers to get supplies for their classrooms here in Portland).

Let me know any other ideas you have of where these little rainbow love beams can do what they are meant to do: uplift the hearts of humanity every day.

Also, if you want to contribute, you can donate a few $ to help cover the shipping costs to the students and teachers ❤️❤️❤️ Click HERE to donate!

Any way that we can build a bridge for young people, from this place we are at now to a future that is safe, is so greatly appreciated!!!

I encourage YOU to DO whatever IT is that you've been pondering to bring about the change you want to see in the world. 

If you're scared of being judged, I get it. If you're terrified of messing it up, I totally get that. I'm here to cheer you on to BE your weirdest self in the name of love, justice, hope and change. 

You are alive in this great time of shift. Show up and put your heart out there. Your weirdness just might be the love that creates ripples of healing in someone's day.

I believe in us! I really do. 

Sarah Love hand on heart.JPG