How good are you at receiving?

Receiving. We could talk about it for days, honestly. It makes all the difference in how much love we actually feel. 

It's a crucial practice (especially for us ladies) because we've spent so much time subconsciously feeling unloved and unworthy that it's difficult to receive much of anything. 

So to get the juices flowing, I want to gift you something special. 
This mission I have of spreading love and making inspiring art would be nothing without YOU. You mean a lot to me. 

With gratitude and love from my heart to yours, here's a sweet printable poster to uplift you! 

Let's expand our capacity to receive, shall we?

Download the Show Love Grow Love poster HERE

Extra bonus: bringing back the classic DIY Valentine just for YOU.
Print 'em, color 'em, pass them around like there's no tomorrow!

My hope is that receiving gets easier and more fun the more you practice. 

Every time you're presented with a compliment, a kind gesture, any form of support or a lovely treasure, you'll feel it deep in your heart and know that you deserve all the love the universe has in store for you (and it's a lot!). 


Sarah Love Eye heart U.JPG


Don't forget about postcards!

Grab a 12 pack of your choice and you get a 2018 Life is Beautiful calendar for FREE!

BE that tiny spark that ignites more LOVE in your home, your community and beyond. 

Grab a pack or two and Be the Love you wish to see in the world!