One Truth Remains

Hello Love,

Have you been questioning your sanity lately?

You're not alone. Things are crazy. I've been questioning my own truths more than I'd like to admit. Wondering if things I've believed for much of my life are in fact rooted in unwavering factuality. It can feel unsettling. 

But one is for sure....

Spring will always follow winter. I've been holding this in my heart so dear. That is real. That is true. Hallelujah! 

There's something we can count on with every fiber of our beings. 
It's flowers and warmer days and spring rains and the evenings stretching on longer and some sense of rebirth coming up from the once frozen ground.

IMG_0095 (1).jpg


Currants popping in my backyard!
If you are in a place that's still feeling wintery, hold tight!

Spring is coming and I say that with my full self. I know it in my bones and I'm finding that fact SO comforting right now. 

This is also a metaphor for everything (of course). What is dark and cold will be followed by rebirth. That is the way. That is nature (and everything is a part of nature).

You will get through it. Just hang on. Do your best to be kind with yourself and get ready for life force energy, beauty and creativity to return. 

It's all happening!


Plum tree bursting into bloom.

There is a Spring
that follows every dark, barren winter, whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally or otherwise. 

Just lean into that. Exhale a sigh of relief. 

Feel that truth in your deepest knowing. 


We are on the verge, my friend. We are at the turning point. 

For now, do what you can to honor where you are. If you need more time in the cave of winter, take it. If you need to move slowly, please do. If you've been clasping those little seeds tightly in your fist and are ready to let them go into the soil, plant them with love. 

Listen to your own true knowing. The whispers of your heart will never let you down. And it doesn't have to look like anyone else. That is for sure. Just like your beautiful blossoming is your very own experience. Be with your rhythm and trust in the transitions.

We are here, together in the passage of time. The wheel of the year is something we all share and something that remains true throughout millennia. Let that be a safe container for your life to unfold in it's right and perfect timing.

Remember to take care of your wild and tender heart. You are right where you need to be!

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