Happy Dancing!

Hi Love,

When last I wrote, I was going deep into a phase of alignment (align has been my word for April) and I'm actually still in it, but a few major milestones have happened and I couldn't wait to share them with you!

With all that's going on in this HUGE time of shift, it can be easy to believe that things are far from awesome (there's a ton of bad news and healing that needs to happen and I'm right there with you!). 

However, I feel a little happy dance coming on that there's a few reasons to celebrate today!

The Mystics Oracle Deck is officially complete!

Holding these cards in my hands is truly a dream come true! 

We've had so many phases of the production process (I cannot even tell you!) and there's still a few short weeks before we officially start shipping these babies out.

You'll be amazed at the detail, magic and serious love that is infused in this deck!

I cannot wait to share a whole lot more with you soon!


In other great news!

An awesome article about my creative journey (over-coming comparisons and self-loathing specifically) was published in this month's issue of Shining Mentor Magazine! With the super surprise bonus that 3 of my very favorite, badass ladies are on the cover!


This magazine is chock full of beauty, inspiration and wisdom to uplift and inspire you! You'll be amazed at how much goodness fills the pages of this issue. 

Download your FREE copy right here: 

Keep the Faith, my dear. There are good things happening. Look for the places you can celebrate today!

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