Why now?

Hello Love,

This may be a tough one to read, but stick with me and we'll get through it together, k?

It's with a heavy heart and lots of tears that I write you today...

It finally hit me. This overwhelming sadness. I've been keeping it at bay. I'm really good at that, mostly. I want to hold up the heart shaped banner for you and never let it down, no matter what is happening in the world.

But the world has been extra heavy and then came the tears. As they must. The level of sadness in our collective, in our individual hearts, is overwhelming. The magnitude of f-ed up sh*t going on is overwhelming. We are in quite a mess.

Death is all around us. People killing people and people killing themselves. The government(s) or should I say the actual human beings in power making decisions that bogle the mind with their insensitivity and cruelty. The dying planet (She'll be fine, after it's all said and done, but we can't just keep pumping toxins out a zillion parts a second into our world without serious consequences!). All of IT hit me like a ton of bricks.

I guess that's what we call #realtalk these days. And yeah. I feel it. I feel it deep down. and it's hard AF.

AND all I want to say through my tears is I'm sorry. I'm sorry for this mess. I'm sorry I can't fix it. I'm sorry that sometimes I feel crushed by the weight of it and that my super human (self-imposed) expectation isn't true because I can't hold up the weight right now and protect you from it all.

I'm sorry that we keep choosing death and destruction as a whole rather than love and compassion. That just drives me bonkers and quite frankly breaks my heart.

But you wanna know what? This is #realtalk too:

When I let it all sink in. When I let the sadness, the grief, the anger all come fully present, I am led back to love. Through the tears and the grief, when I can let it wash through me, I ultimately come to this deep unending love I have for you. For humanity. For Mother Earth.

It helps if I can bring myself to talk to a friend about the sadness. If I can connect inside the pain I can bring it around to love more fully.

Part of my mission in life is creating a more loving future for all. To get there means allowing more room to let these emotions, that are so much a part of us, roll like the waves of the ocean. Inside and out.

It means creating rituals and gatherings that bring out the LOVE, while being together with our grief and anger. We need each other now more than ever. We need to be together with our hearts out.

Because we're wired for connection not separation. We're wired for villages and tribes not cubicles and cars.

That's why, deep in my heart (and in my bones) I believe that LOVE is EVERYWHERE. There is love inside you. There is love inside me. There is love. Period. And the GREAT news is that WE CAN MAKE MORE LOVE any time we want to. Isn't that amazing?

With our tremendous power and our broken hearts, there's no better time than RIGHT NOW to create MORE LOVE in this f-ed up world.

Here's what I propose. We try an experiment where there's one day (August 8th!) that we put our hearts into it. As many people as we can bring on board, we synch up our loving hearts and use the interwebs as the conduit.

It could be revolutionary, it will definitely be fun, and it certainly won't hurt!

Can we use social media to truly cause a ripple effect of love in the world? I'm willing to go for it. Are you?

Let's stop bickering and shaming, dividing and conquering, and face facts. That only leads to suffering. It doesn't lead to healing. So let's try something else, k?

August 8th is #IStandForLove day. A simple call to action that could have a very big impact.

Let's get inside social media and change the vibration to love. Because why the F not??

What if the collective consciousness could be affected and something shifted because of our love? What if we could really tip the scales? Who knows what can happen? I'm ready to put my heart on the line and see.

Don't worry, we're going to take it slow. Starting next week we'll go one step at a time using the I STAND FOR LOVE manifesto (download it right here) as our guide. #onestepatatime

All you have to do is have a willing heart and we'll do it together.

Let's get the kids involved, too! They need us. They don't deserve to inherit a mean world. They deserve love.

Stay tuned, my friend. For now, be as kind to yourself as you possibly can. Know that I'm crying for us all and sending GIANT tenderhearted love your way with every breath. I love you.

Sarah Love I stand for love 2017.JPG


Visual inspiration for you: Street art from my recent trip to Venice, CA and the one and only Janelle Monae from Wednesday night's concert. (If you don't know her please find her on youtube now. Music is so healing!)

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