We've got to keep love alive

Hi Love,

It's a new moon tonight. What does that have to do with love, you ask? Well, we're all here on a big blue planet hurtling through space with a beautiful moon orbiting around us. Both the moon and love are big players during our short time here on Earth.

For me, looking at the big picture can be soothing during these great times of shift. No matter who you are or what you believe, the moon is starting a new cycle and I just love to lean into that rhythm and the unifying effect of that.

It's been happening since before time began and it will keep happening loooooong into the future... These types of truths, dependable, extremely long term, have always given me hope and filled my heart with love for this amazing journey called life.

(Btw, if you're just getting into this series, we're building up to August 8th ((#IStandForLove Day)) by going through the 8 steps of the manifesto to strengthen our hearts together... This week we're looking at step 5. Keep Love in Your Heart.)

So let's talk about where Love lives...

On the ground, here on Earth, the source of love is inside each one of us. We are wired for tremendous amounts of love. Taking responsibility to grow love and create a more loving future, especially when faced with the 'unlovingness' (to put it mildly) of the world right now, is up to you and me.

I believe there is an eternal flame (or at least a spark) of love burning inside each of our hearts. We can either take up practices that increase the vibrancy of that love or we can get steeped in the illusion of separateness, mired in confusion and forget all about our connection to love. (It happens to the best of us, I'll testify).

Keeping love alive in our hearts means we not only build resilience and strength, we build tenderness and feeling. We expand our capacity for love. We develop stronger muscles of compassion and connection. We soften our edges. WE become more alive.

When we remember to foster love in our own hearts, we automatically become more connected to those we love and more understanding of just about everyone. It's hugely transformative.

Find out more about how to do that right HERE.

There's no outside source that is going to bring you more love if you don't keep that spark alive in your own heart. I'm happy to fan the flames and remind you daily of what a powerful being you are. We are all in this together, after all.

Give yourself some time for a few deep breaths. If you want to send a prayer up to the heavens tonight, I highly recommend it.

I hope the deeper dive into these steps is helping strengthen your love muscles. I'd love to know your a-has or questions for me (just hit reply).

Thank you for being alive. Your presence is a gift!


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