It's a twofer!

Hello Love,

How's your heart today? If you can, take a moment and put your hand on your chest. Take a big breath, let it out and say "I love you". One more time. Yes...

Part of the human experience is a tendency to forget and remember over and over again. For instance, we fall into a feeling of helplessness and isolation and then something (or someone) comes along to remind us that we are connected to this amazing web of humanity. We bounce back! Hooray!

We do this dance in all areas of life. I'm sure you know the cycle well. Some call it the 'cosmic joke'. Do we forget in order to have that glorious a-ha moment? Who knows.

Forgetting to be loving to ourselves and others is a pretty natural occurrence. So today we are looking at step 4. This one has a double meaning: "Remember your stand" and "Try not to judge". It's a twofer! 

It comes down to how fast can we come back to love when we inevitably travel to many other realms (not so fun ones) in our everyday lives.

If you're just getting into this series (Welcome!), we're on our way to August 8th (#IStandForLoveDay) and doing a deep dive with the 8 steps of the manifesto to discover how we can create more love in the world. 

This week we're looking at step 4. Remember Your Stand, aka Try not to judge.

This is the moment that brings us back to love. This is that deep breath when we say, “Yes, I am a love warrior and it doesn’t matter what shows up in my path, I must remember love.”

We recommit to our stand. We remember that love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

What people and practices can you bring into your life that HELP remind you of your heart's wisdom? How can you let go of judgment of yourself and others when the forgetting can be so intoxicating?

This is what it takes to make real change. We forget and we remember. That's life. And it is so easy to forget. It can feel like a test at times. We easily get swept away in anger and fear... So how do we get back to love?

Read all of step 4 right HERE.

We must be each other's lampposts in the darkness, after all. We must tread lightly when wanting to condemn ourselves or each other for the forgetting. It's in this process that we can make huge shifts.

We can do this!

I hope these weekly emails are helping to turn up the volume of love in your heart. I'm committed to being a reminder of love and I appreciate you more than words can say!
I believe is us.

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