Don't Believe the Hype

Hello Lovely,

Do you ever grapple with navigating BIG contradictions in your life? To put it mildly, we live in a world of contradicting information, contradicting emotions, and it can feel crazy making to live our lives while trying to see all sides of the situation.

One of the biggies I've been grappling with for many moons is how to be a successful artist/entrepreneur AND hold my belief that our current capitalism is a destructive system.

I recently did a Live broadcast about it ... (Do you watch #toughlovetuesday?). I went in depth about my experience of running a business, making products, selling products, and living within the contradictions (because I'm also an environmentalist and human rights advocate), while standing for love AND trying to make a living. Whew, it's a lot.

I got pretty raw and may have dropped an f-bomb. You can watch it right here if you're ready for the inside scoop:

It's a topic I'm passionate about exploring (that's why I look so intense :) and I certainly don't have all the answers, by any means, but I'd love to open this discussion with you.

That brings me to the purpose of today's email. My intention is to show up only when I have something to say that is timely, meaningful and can add value to YOUR life.

So while I want to tell you that there's only a few more days to get in on the calendar pre-sale super love discount price, I also want you to know that hey, there's no rush.

That's pretty bad marketing if you follow the model of capitalism. Everything is about losing out. We use FOMO, pain-points and all kinds of tactics to sell things. But I'm here to say there's no worries. If you don't get in on the super deal (until September 3rd), you can get the calendar anytime (while supplies last) for only $10.95 each.

BTW, I'm lowering the price from last year because I ordered more calendars this year and the cost was less expensive. This is the 3rd year in a row that I've lowered the retail price by $1. In 2017 the calendar was $12.95.

I want so bad for everyone to have access to the daily inspirations that when I can get it cheaper, you get it cheaper too. Another contradiction to my bottom line (but it feels SO good!).

$10.95 is a smoking deal for 365 days of love and inspiration!

In the end, navigating the contradictions of life is about finding the win wins: discovering the sweet spot for YOU because you are the authority in your one precious life. So don't believe the hype, ok?

Follow your heart and turn off the noise of all the messages trying to make you feel 'less than' so you'll buy stuff. That's not cool.

Be cool. Be kindBuy a calendar. (Ha! I couldn't resist!)

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