Let's not rush into anything..

Hello Love,

Before we rush into 2019 like bats out of hell (that may be how you are feeling getting out of 2018, after all), let's take a few moments to acknowledge some things. That's the best way to start fresh. Honor the past and welcome in a bright future.

Cuz, let's face it, we go from thing to thing ever so quickly, spending most of our time in the future, dreaming and scheming. I'm the worst when it comes to rushing forward with a new idea or goal and taking no time to honor the days gone by.

This is my invitation for you and me (even if you're reading this after the new year). Take some time in the next couple of days to list a few of your high points, accomplishments, etc.. (yes, making it through the year and being alive totally counts).

Celebrate the wins and close out last year with gratitude and a feeling of completion. Yahoo!

2018 had a wild amount of changes and challenges, but it had a whole heck of a lot of blessings too.

If you'll indulge me I'm going to list a few of my own. In no particular order:

1. I wrote an email a day for 365 days. Going deep on the calendar messages taught me more than I could have imagined. This one a day vitamin will change your life btw. Get the daily email HERE.

2. The Mystics Oracle Deck was published after almost 4 years in the making! Pulling cards from this magical deck is a dream come true!

3. I went to Italy for 3 weeks with my man! HUGE.

4. Had my first ever gallery art show (almost forgot about this one).

5. Donated over 1200 calendars to people in need #goteamlove

It took me a few minutes to think of just these 5 things. I can list of a ton of stuff that I could have done better. Why is it so hard to count our wins?

Challenge yourself to remember the goodness. Maybe ask your kids or partner or BFF to do it with you. Tell each other your accomplishments. Put on your fave song and do a happy dance to celebrate. This simple ritual will do wonders to start your new year off on the right foot. I promise.

The moral of the story is you are doing an amazing job at being YOU. It's complex and layered and can feel like you're barely keeping your head above water sometimes, but no one else can do it. You are the only one with your unique perspective, your special blend of YOU-ness. No comparisons.

So wrap your arms around yourself and say "GOOD JOB!", "You did it!", "You're awesome!".

If you feel like sharing I would love to know what you are most proud of from 2018. Hit reply and let's celebrate together!

Happiest of New Years to YOU! Onward we go!

Sarah Love arms open art.jpg

Speaking of onward:

Watch this video to see how to harness all the good vibes for 2019!

It's a behind the scenes look at how the energy of the I Stand for Love calendar comes into being, what themes we'll be experiencing as a whole in 2019, and how you can work with this BIG, beautiful energy!

Sit back, relax and watch it now!