Can We Create the World We Want to See?

Hello Lovely Human,

How are you doing on this last day of January 2019? I hope you're being kind to yourself no matter what's showing up in that precious life of yours. Because, frankly, you are the only you that will ever be and that is no small thing.

I come here with the deepest gratitude for you allowing me in your inbox. I come bearing gifts of hope and magic to uplift and inspire your heart. So let's go!

First off, I've got the latest installment of the theme of the month for you. The guiding force of February is the direction of Above! It's super cosmic!

Check it out HERE:

We've got so much potential to tap into other realms. This month's gonna be magic!

Whatever you do, please devote a little extra love to yourself this month. As I mentioned in the video above, we have a whole lotta work to do to actually LIVE in a world that is more loving for all.

The fastest way to contribute to the shift is to love yourself, forgive yourself and be compassionate on the inside. This simple (not so easy) practice will surely give you more stamina for the long game AND make today a bit brighter. Total #winwin!

Thanks for being alive, my friend. I believe we can create the world we want to see and I'm so grateful for YOU!

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