Trust in what?

Hey Beautiful,

I've got a message for you today that I wish I could deliver straight to your door with a cup of something delicious to share. It's the type of thing we could spend a few hours talking about.

It's a little word called trust.

We're talking about TRUST in your heart, your gut, your inner knowing. Trust in yourself no matter what you think you've done or haven't done. TRUST that spring indeed follows winter. Trust in the person you are BECOMING and trust that you will make the right choices to become this new version of yourself.

This is crucial right now because as we each know on some level, the sands are shifting under our feet. The tides are turning.

We feel it everyday and we are alive at a powerful time of transformation. If we don't anchor ourselves somewhere (like inside ourselves right here in this moment) we will surely feel more panic and anxiety, fatigue and restlessness and that's not helping (or fun) to put it mildly.

The truth about trust is that no one can tell you how exactly. YOU are the authority here.

YOUR wisdom has been knocking at the door for a while now and it's time to embody your very own path and honor this precious Earth walk that you're on.

Watch the video for more insight (silly songs included):

It's time to finally let go of the people pleasing that we think makes us safe and allow the full expression of our uniqueness to come forward.

Again, no one can tell you how to do it. That's the trick and the blessing. Any other way but your very own isn't going to feel right.

You could be ready to let go of old patterns.

You could be ready to step up.

You could be ready to jump off into your dream life and risk your comfort zone completely.

You could be ready to own your truth as a leader.

You could be ready to back away from commitments that used to be important to you and have now lost their meaning.

Whatever it is I am here to tell you to TRUST YOURSELF.

I'm here as your friend and cheerleader to say "permission granted".

It's time for you to embody a new version of yourself.

It doesn't have to be dramatic. It can be incremental, slow and steady. But it is time.

Watch the April oracle now and let it sink in:

No matter where you are at give yourself lots of love and forgiveness. TRUST that the more you are kind to yourself, compassionate with your journey, the MORE ease you will feel in this transition. There's no rush. There's only trust.

If you can listen to the whispers of your deeper wisdom, you will come out of this cocoon like the most beautiful butterfly you were born to be.

Thank you for being alive! We're all on our own journey, but we're in this together!

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