Stepping Up My Art-LOVE Game

Hey Beautiful Human,

Happy May 1st, May day, Beltane (for those that celebrate)!

April is a wrap and what a month it was. With all it's ups, downs and inside outs, I'm grateful to share something beautiful with you today. A long time vision of working with youth on a BIG project came to fruition this month. Yippeee!

These past few weeks I had the immense pleasure of working at a local elementary school here in Portland, painting a mural for their library. The theme was diversity and we decided early on that getting the students involved was a great way to actually embody the diversity of the school. We had over 150 kids participate in the project creation.

It was an amazing experience, to say the least. I'm still percolating in all the layers (figuratively and literally) and plan on writing a more in depth blog post to capture all the lessons and blessings it held.

I just could not wait to show you these glimpses of rainbow love we created last week!

Menlo Mural student helpers.jpg
Menlo Mural rainbow.jpg

"In Diversity there in beauty and there is strength." ~ Maya Angelou

Menlo Mural final.jpg

The whole thing is 12 feet across!

We translated the words diversity, beauty and strength into 4 different languages (Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Arabic) to add another layer of diversity, as well.

One of my biggest take-aways is realizing (once again!) that doing new things, creative projects of all shapes and sizes, is one of the best ways to GROW. Stretching into unknown territory is a sure way to feel alive. (Another big takeaway is that teachers should be paid waaaaaaaay more than they are. Like soo much more.)

I feel like I learned a ton about myself, collaboration, trusting the process and so much more. I promise to share all that soon.

Today I need to share the good news that I'm offering 1 group workshop this summer and it's coming up on June 9th!

It's called the Creative Rebirth Retreat.

If you are looking to unlock your creative energy and tap into a well of self-love, join me and just 5 other women on this journey.

It will be a deeply nourishing day designed to clear away stagnation and fill up your batteries with fresh mojo. Read more about it here.

With a full heart in what can feel like a heavy world, I send you love.

With gratitude that you are alive, I send you love.

With much hope for the future, I send you love.

May your May be full of blossoming dreams and fulfilling connections.

Sarah Love Head shot round painting.jpg

May's Oracle message is HERE!

Watch the video and get yourself some love and inspiration to start it off right!

This month is special. It's all about Resonance.