Take a Stand on August 8th

What if small acts of love and kindness could tip the scales in the direction of justice and healing? That’s what we set out to create on August 8th! International #IStandForLove Day unites people from all over the world that believe in the power of love.

The goal: to fill the airwaves with love.
To interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of division.
To declare that a loving world is possible and WE are HERE for IT.

Together we can create a ripple effect in our families, neighborhoods, towns, and online spaces. Be a part of the ripple on August 8th because, simply put, Your love changes the world.


It’s easy to participate in #Istandforlove Day!

Take a photo of yourself (extra credit for wearing a heart and/or holding a sign that says #IStandForLove).

Post it on your favorite social media platform and declare your stand.

Tag @istandforlove and use the hashtag #IStandforlove to strengthen the web of world wide love!

Then… DO something loving!

Big or small. Express your love, kindness, compassion to yourself, your kids, a co-worker, a complete stranger.
One act of love could change someone’s life! And 1000s of people taking loving action on the same day could change.... well, everything!


Helpful resource:

Download the I Stand For Love Manifesto ~ 8 clear steps to create a more loving world!

Save it. Print it. Share it.

download (6).jpeg

Make it easy to spread the love!

Get the 8 steps to #standforlove in the perfect pocket, wallet, dashboard, bathroom mirror (basically everywhere) size! Remind a friend that creating a more loving world might not be as hard we think. Who doesn’t need a burst of inspiration today?

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