International #IStandForLove Day is a simple call to action to unite people from all over the world that believe in the power of love.

Wear a heart, Share a heart

On August 8th, you're invited to participate in #IStandForLove day by wearing a heart, snapping a pic and sharing with the world on social media.

It's about showing up for love while filling your heart up, too!

The goal is to infuse the internet with love. Together we can create a ripple effect in our online spaces. 

We need you to take a stand because Your love changes the world.

Get ready for #Istandforlove Day, August 8th!

Download the I Stand For Love Manifesto first. 8 clear steps to create a more loving world!

Join us online!

Click HERE to join the group on Facebook + follow @istandforlove on Instagram!

Help us spread the word!

Download your own image pack to spread love on social media with the hashtag #istandforlove.

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