Love Warrior Bootcamp


What is Bootcamp?

A 4 week e-course based on the 8 steps of the I Stand For Love manifesto. It's designed to upgrade your capacity for Love and build strength in these changing times. 

Why does Love Warrior Bootcamp matter?

We are going through a major transformation on Earth and the more human hearts that can uphold a Love Vibration, the faster we can move through the shifts together. 

Who is Bootcamp for?

If you feel like the daily news tramples your tender heart, we will build resilience.

If you feel like you're usually a positive person, but lately you're struggling to keep the faith, we will restore it together.

If you're working on your capacity to Love yourself, your family and your community in a more complete and committed way, LWBC is for YOU.

When / Where is it?

Starting Wednesday, March 1st, you will receive 1 email a week for 4 weeks. You'll have access to the content on a password protected webpage and be able to download all PDFs to keep forever.

How can I join?

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Photo by Debbie Baxter

Photo by Debbie Baxter

The Time for Love is NOW!

You deserve to be the most loving, inspired, powerful YOU that you can be and this

4 week experience will help create exactly that.