Private Card Readings
from the Mystics Oracle Deck

I feel like I’ve been in training my whole life to offer this to you!
I got my first card deck at 18 (that was almost 25 years ago! crazy!) and have been using tarot and oracle cards in my own life ever since.

It’s a profound way to connect with yourself through imagery and imagination. Letting the logical brain take a backseat and allowing your creative side to find the answers you seek.

It’s like having a conversation with your deepest self with the added benefit of guidance, love and insight from me. Yippee!

The Mystics Oracle Deck offers a unique blend of wisdom that draws on Tarot, nature connection, vibrant colors and potent language to offer a one-of-a-kind lens which to view your most sacred life through.


60 min reading

In this deeper reading, we can look at the BIG picture of your life trajectory, or we can hone in on an area of focus where you’re really needing clarity and insight.

Let’s get together and ask those burning questions.

60 Min Mystics Oracle Deck Reading

“Sarah is a very gifted healer. I saw her at a time when I was feeling very stuck and ungrounded in my life, and I needed support, love and guidance. She lovingly brought through messages of wisdom I really needed to hear.”
— Anezka D.