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2019 CALENDAR: On Sale Now!

We can change the world from the inside out. It starts with turning up the volume of love in our hearts, and it's easier than you think.

Inside this calendar are 365 days of hand-drawn morsels of love and wise reminders, sure to uplift and inspire you and yours.

Buying this gift, that's made in the USA with eco-friendly materials by an artist (read: Small Business), not only makes a positive impact on the people you love, but on the planet as well. Total #winwin. Read more about how the calendar is made here.

Product Specs:
Printed on FSC certified, recycled paper using soy inks.
Hangs on the wall at 8 1/2 X 11 inches. Small but mighty!

As seen on the Today Show!

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I absolutely LOVE Sarah Love’s calendar! It’s so rare and wonderful to find material products which are truly created and infused with the Spirit of Love. They bring smiles to everyone who experiences them!”
— Jonathan Y.
 A $5 donation sends a calendar to someone in need.

A $5 donation sends a calendar to someone in need.


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My husband and I love the calendar, it is so inspiring and positive. We look at it every day and it helps us with our creative lives. THANK YOU!!!
— Erik & Amanda

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I make art to uplift your heart and created the #IStandForLove movement to harness the power of love worldwide.

My mission is to inspire YOU to love yourself more, practice kindness on the inside and let that ripple out in your life. I think we have so much potential to be powerful generators, we can create a more loving world together. I believe in us.

Patreon is a great way to support the arts. When you show your support on Patreon, you're essentially giving me more stability to create inspiring goodness for more humans. That's pretty cool.