What They're Saying

When someone takes the time to express how my artwork and/or healing work has effected their lives, that sharing becomes the wind beneath my wings (seriously). My heart expands with so much gratitude and I am humbled by the praise and love.

"I absolutely LOVE Sarah Love's calendar, cards, and products! It's so rare and wonderful to find material products which are truly created and infused with the Spirit of Love. They bring smiles to everyone who experiences them!" - Jonathan Y.

“Sarah is a very gifted healer. I saw her at a time when I was feeling very stuck and ungrounded in my life, and I needed support, love and guidance.  She lovingly brought through messages of wisdom I really needed to hear." - Anezka D.

"Your calendars have brought a tender little morsel of light to my mornings everyday.  It's always a pleasant surprise to discover the next day's message and is so healing for my spirit by giving gentle reminders to always see the beauty that exists in us all. These calendars are a great way to awaken the love inside yourself and teach you how to share that with others.  Thank you Sarah!!"  - Rebekah P.

"Sarah Love's “Life is Beautiful” calendar is the highlight of my day. With this calendar, every day is like a gift that inspires me to live my life beautifully and in the most delicious way." - Monica F.

"One session with Sarah encouraged me to identify and embrace my strengths, ask for what I want, and experience the beauty of transformation."  - Traci P.

"Thank you so much for the joy that your calendar brings to me.  Thank your for sharing with the world with your organic playfulness that is present in not only in your words but in your art.  Thank your for infusing your Love into me and the planet around me.  Thank you for putting so much of your art, your words, and yourself into something that can be shared." - Debbie B.

"I have really been enjoying your calendar! I have it on my bathroom sink so every morning it's the first thing I see. It's a great way to start the day." - Meegan B.

"My husband and I love the calendar, it is so inspiring and positive. We look at it every day and it helps us with our creative lives. THANK YOU!!!" - Erik and Amanda

"You are a joy, what a gift you possess." - Renee M.

"I look forward to being inspired every day with new reminders of how beautiful our lives truly are.  Thank you Sarah for continuing to shine your light on so many souls. - Monica D.

"Sarah Love facilitated a most transformational healing session for me.  She combined divination reading, crystals and Reiki to assist with opening the Chakras. This fusion created a sense of peace and self-empowerment.  Her hands on healing approach is powerful & authentic and her ability to truly listen & be in the moment is a gift.  This is the most unique healing treatment I've ever experienced.  At the end of the treatment, I could feel the healing energy coursing through my body."  - Maree Bento

"I wanted to share my appreciation for the inspirational and creative work you are doing; it is awesome to see someone create such nice things for the world to enjoy. Thank you!"  - Amy G.

"Sarah Love, I cannot begin to share with you how much you inspire my heart and soul. I have been a grateful customer of your calendars for a number of years....and eternally, a grateful soul sister."  - Renae L.

"I love this calendar. I brought it to work and every time I look at the saying for the day, it makes my soul sing!! Thank you so much for this beautiful creation."  - Amanda S.

"Sarah's calendar offers wonderful reminders on a daily basis.   It provides a quick pick me up when I need it the most!"  - Brenda M.

"After gifting the "Life is Beautiful" calendar to my friends and family last Christmas, I find myself still receiving calls and emails about how much people appreciate the calendar and how much it has and enhanced their lives."  - Ibrahim A.

"The calendar actually changes my mood when I look at it - especially when I'm busy at work. Every time I look up and see the messages, it gently reminds me to relax and enjoy the ride."  - Zachary A.

"I have purchased your Calendar for the past few years (at least 3) and I have to say that this year's calendar is more amazing than I imagined! I'm convinced that your calendar is Magic. It is a good reminder to all of us to remember that we are not alone. Thank you for sharing your gifts and spreading Love and Light into the world. We are in need of more people like you."   

- Shaheen S.

"I hang the calendar in my bathroom and one on the wall beside my desk.  I read the sayings several times a day.  I find them very uplifting and inspirational."  - Jacque T.

"Whoa. The calendar is having a profound effect on my days. I begin each day by reading that day's message. I find myself coming back to it throughout the day in my mind, finding new ways of relating to life through the lens of the message. They seem to be strangely symbiotic with my current life circumstances for that particular day...sometimes it's even mildly eerie, kind of like a good daily horoscope can be. It's as if the calendar, or, rather, the universe at large knows what I am up to--the things about which I am struggling, and it delivers the perfectly appropriate morsel of inspiration to lift me up or guide me through those trying days. Thank you Sarah Love, for helping me to see that I too can bring about change and create peace in my own, unique way."  - Tobin P.

"I love having the calendar and being reminded everyday of something to be thankful for, thru the day I pass it on."  - Kerrie M.

"The "Life is Beautiful and So are YOU!" calendar has created a fun daily practice that enables me to shift my thoughts. Each day is filled with such perfection that I wonder if Sarah knew that I needed that exact thought. Thank you Sarah for your heart-filled art."  - Dani P.

"One morning the calendar said, "Thank a farmer" and I gave my father a call.  My gratitude towards him for tending the land and providing food led us into an amazing conversation about caring for the land and ourselves.  Ever since, I look forward to living out the calendar's blessings and look for how the words/actions create positive relationships in my life."  - Megan F.

"I just love it when at the end of the day I read the words on the calendar and discover - I did that!"  - Pamela S.



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