A more loving world starts with YOU.



The Time for Love is NOW

You can change your life - or someone else’s life - with one positive message a day.

That's why the "Life is Beautiful and So Are You!" calendar exists!

Learn more about it below.

Thank you Sarah Love, for helping me to see that I too can bring about change and create peace in my own, unique way.
— Tobin P.
With this calendar, every day is like a gift that inspires me to live my life beautifully and in the most delicious way.
— Monica F.
Your calendars have brought a tender morsel of light to my mornings everyday.  It’s always a pleasant surprise to discover the next day’s message and is so healing for my spirit by giving gentle reminders to always see the beauty that exists in us all.
— Rebekah P.
After gifting the “Life is Beautiful” calendar to my friends and family last Christmas, I find myself still receiving calls and emails about how much people appreciate the calendar and how much it has and enhanced their lives.
— Ibrahim A.